Yum Extender (yumex-dnf) Documentation


Yum Extender (yumex-dnf) is a graphical software manager to control the software packages on your system.




Yum Extender contains 4 different views to show different things like packages, groups, history & pending package actions.

Packages View

This view is used for normal package operations like browser or search for packages and add packages to the pending action queue to be installed, upgraded or removed.


This is a overview of the Yum Extender header bar in the package views

  1. The main menu
  2. Apply pending actions
  3. Filter menu
  4. Search option menu
  5. Search entry
  6. Quit Yum Extender

Filter menu

The filter menu is used to limit the packages show to a special kind of status, this can

  1. updates will show available updates for installed packages
  2. installed will show packages installed on the local system
  3. available will show packages available in the active repositories, there is not installed on the local system
  4. all will show all of the above packages.

There filters applies both to the current search result or all packages if no seach is performed.

available and all will can take very long time, if used not limited by a search.

Search Option Menu

The search option menu is used to specify what type of search is performed when something is entered in the search entry.


There is 3 kind of available search types:

  1. prefix is searching for package names there is starting with the keyword in the search entry.
  2. keyword is searching for package names there contains the keyword from the search entry.
  3. fields is searching for packages where packages attributes like name, summary or description is containing the keywords from the search entry



Searching is performed by entering a keyword in the search entry and pressing Enter

If a new search is performed then all search results will be shown, but can be filtered for package states, using the filter menu filters.

Package selection

To perform action on packages in the view, you have to click on the checkbox in the selection column then checked, the package is add to the pending action queue, then action performed on the package depends on the current installation state of the selected package.

  • An installed package will be queued for removal
  • An available package will be queued for installation.
  • An available update will be queued for update.

The selection column header (+) can be uses to perform actions on all shown packages in the view.


clicking on the column header will switch between there states

  • Select all shown packages
  • Unselect all shown packages
  • Redo single selections by user

Groups View

The group view shows packages ordered by categories and groups, the selection of packages is the same as for the package view.

The group view is selected from the main menu main-menu


It is possible to install/remove groups also by selecting the checkbox in the group/category tree.

History View

The history shows the history of transaction performed by dnf on the system.

The history view is selected from the main menu main-menu



If your are using both yum & dnf on the system, they will both have there own history, not including the transactions by the other tool.

Pending Actions View

The pending action queue show the pending actions for the packages selected by the user

The pending action view is selected from the main menu main-menu

Pending actions is exeucted by pressing the apply button apply